Case Study

Proto-Personas Create Customer Empathy

Creating proto-personas can help improve your customer experience strategy – particularly for a new launch like our community solar program.


Creating a Culture of Accessibility

Explore how to integrate accessibility into your regular, everyday processes and champion it as a vital part of your culture.


How to Fundraise During a Pandemic

Tony Caudill provides five tips to non-profits worried about fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic.


NoCode Changes the Equation

New tools make technology and innovation accessible to everyone. Learn how NoCode tools give you the power to do more.

Case Study

Targeting Donors with Effective Communication

Lighthouse Christian School’s director of finance talks about how the K-8 school uses FACTS Giving to enhance their development efforts.

Case Study

Pivoting Fundraisers Online During COVID-19

Sacred Heart Catholic School's Director of Development shares how FACTS Giving has transformed their fundraising efforts during COVID-19.


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Help your school go above and beyond – download our free, quick, interactive checklist and tips to improve communication and retention.


Microservices Create Macro Impact

Learn why a microservices approach to loan application processing and servicing matters when it comes to easy configuration and reporting.

Case Study

Power Up Your CX Engine With Skill Sets You Already Have

Customer Experience (CX) is critical to business success. See how Nelnet collaborated, restructured, and refocused our mindset to deliver on it.