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Madison Office Supports Charities With ‘Nominate a Nonprofit’

Each quarter, Madison associates can nominate a local charity whose mission aligns with one of the Charitable Contribution Committee’s focus areas. Four organizations are randomly selected quarterly to receive a $250 donation from Nelnet.

Nelnet Responds to Tornado Aftermath

When tornadoes ripped through Nebraska and other Plains states on Friday, April 26, Nelnet’s executive team decided to engage in relief efforts. Learn what Nelnet is doing to help—and how you can support them with your contributions.

Discover How Nelnet Philippines, Inc. Supports Nelnet

Discover how a Nelnet Business Services subsidiary located in Manila, Philippines supports various IT groups. With 65% of the team working remotely, they excel at connection. Learn how.

Nelnet Bank Celebrates Women in Leadership

Women’s History Month celebrates the women who have fought for equality, justice, and opportunity in our country. It also serves as a reminder to commit to advancing the rights of girls and women here in the United States and around the world.

Focus on the Nelnet Scholars Program

The Nelnet Scholars Program rewards academic excellence and acknowledges financial need, granting scholarships to children and dependents of Nelnet associates to make educational dreams possible.

Rogé Karma Inspires Others with His Wellness Journey

Rogé Karma never realized he was on a wellness journey that would lead to carving out personal time as a mindfulness leader at Nelnet.

BEACON Shines Light for Nelnet Associates

Education and community are the primary goals for BEACON, the Nelnet associate resource group that supports Black associates and their allies.

Creating an Awesome Work Environment Through Mentorship

Nelnet’s Mentorship Program pairs mentors and mentees based on their interests, helping participants to build their professional network.

Helping Our Planet With Greenfield Development

Nelnet Renewable Energy partners with landowners and communities for a sustainable future by improving our connection with the sun through greenfield development.