Driving Culture Forward at Fall 2023 Innovation Week

Discover what speakers and sessions were featured at Innovation Week to help Nelnet’s innovation leaders and participating associates focus on culture-related ideas.

Walktober is for Wellness

While walking with senior leaders and executives on Wednesdays is an October event, Nelnet’s year-round programs, incentives, and activities helped it rank 58th in the nation for healthiest employers.

Fostering Success: Women in Leadership and IT at Nelnet

Discover how Nelnet fosters an environment to support women’s leadership and success in all roles through networking, associate resource groups, mentorships, and more.

The Importance of Transparency

Transparency benefits everyone, and we’ve got some reasons why and examples of how we openly communicate at Nelnet.

Accessibility Is a Priority at Nelnet

Nelnet has always been passionate about accessibility, because we live to serve everyone.

Expert Advice on Virtual Interviewing

We’re here to help you feel confident for your next virtual interview. Check out these tips and tricks from Nelnet hiring experts on how to virtually interview with ease.

Better Together

Learn more about Nelnet’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and the Better Together initiative to promote unity and spark new conversations.

When, Where, and How to Vote in This Year’s Election

Make sure you have a plan for how to vote on or before November 3! Check out these resources to help you cast your ballot.

2020 Flu Shots: When, Where, and Why They’re Important

With many people working from home, many companies are changing flu shot benefits. Here's what you need to know about flu shots in 2020.