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Finding Balance with Tracy Keller

See how Nelnet associate Tracy Keller finds balance in her physical, mental, and spiritual health routines in order to stay healthy.

How Nelnet Benefits Support Wellness-Related New Year’s Resolutions

There’s a lot of perks of being a Nelnet associate. For one, we’ll keep you motivated to meet your health and wellness goals.

From Sticks and String to Cozy Things: The Nitty Gritty on Nelnet’s IT Knitters

With temperatures dropping, get to know the knitters in Nelnet’s IT department, and how their love of yarn weaves them together.

Nelnet Leaders: Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’ve ever wondered what our leaders do in their free time, we have the inside scoop for you. Check out these Nelnet leaders fun facts!

Nelnet’s Year in Review

Nelnet's Year in Review: It's been an eventful year. From a bank to wellness, check out some of Nelnet's major milestones from 2020.

Get Active with Jessica Campbell

Find out how Nelnet associate Jessica Campbell overcame impossible obstacles to get active and stay healthy.

From Interns to Full-Time Associates – Who’s #NewToNelnet in November 2020?

#NewToNelnet November 2020 - Meet Juan Vasquez and Timothy Kempster, two former Nelnet interns who became full-time Nelnet associates.

An Overview of Agile Framework in Software Development

Ready to learn something new? We’re highlighting the Agile framework many of Nelnet’s software development teams use to organize their tasks.

10 Books We Can’t Get Enough Of

At Nelnet, we prioritize continual learning, and we know leaders are readers. Check out our suggestions to build a great fall reading list.