Core values are at the heart of how Nelnet operates. If you need a reminder, those values are:

  • Provide superior customer experiences.
  • Create an awesome work environment.
  • Pursue opportunities for diversification and growth.
  • Communicate openly and honestly.
  • Give back to the communities in which we live and work.

We pride ourselves in the fact that Nelnet associates embrace these core values every day, helping us enhance our customer experience and workplace culture and fulfill our mission: Creating opportunities for people where they live, learn, and work.

Here are some ways our core values come to life every day at Nelnet:


Superior Customer Experiences

Providing superior customer experiences is all about making sure people enjoy interacting with Nelnet on every occasion. Our associates love putting smiles on faces and making engagements with Nelnet as warm and pleasant as possible. Going above and beyond to make sure customers have enjoyable experiences is what brings us joy. A great example of this is ALLO winning the North Platte Telegraph Reader’s Choice Award for Best Customer Service two years in a row.

Congrats to the ALLO team on the awesome accomplishment and for always putting the customer first.


Awesome Work Environment

Creating an awesome work environment is essential when you employ thousands of people across the country. We want our associates to enjoy coming to work every day and have fun while they’re making things happen. If you look forward to your time at work, chances are you’ll be more invested in what you’re doing. Nelnet associates in Lincoln and Aurora helped create an awesome work environment by organizing a homemade salsa and guacamole contest to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

By instituting a casual dress code and encouraging associates to create fun office events like salsa contests, it’s easy to see why people love #LifeatNelnet.


Opportunities for Diversification and Growth

Pursuing opportunities for growth and diversification is essential for a thriving, prosperous future – both as a company and as an associate. Finding new, innovative ways to be competitive and marketable – as a business or a business professional – is imperative for success in today’s world. One such opportunity for growth can be witnessed at Monday morning iTalks sessions, Nelnet’s educational speaking series where company leaders meet with interns to discuss opportunities, offer advice, and answer questions.

In addition to intern education, Nelnet proudly offers professional development and online learning courses through Nelnet University.


Open and Honest Communications

At Nelnet, we strive to be open and honest in everything we do. From customer service to associate engagement, we believe transparent communication is critical to customer satisfaction and business operation. An example of our commitment to transparency is the annual All Directors Meeting, where over 150 Nelnet directors convene to discuss where the company is headed and plan how to get there.

We also regularly survey our associates to gain their input, in order to ensure our corporate culture and workplaces are the best they can be.


Giving Back to Our Communities

Nelnet’s final core value is giving back to the communities in which we live and work. This value can’t be stressed enough. Nelnet was created to provide opportunities for people, so it’s wonderful to see so many associates lending a hand to assist those in need. Nelnet associates are also encouraged to give back through volunteering or donating to organizations in their communities.

Another great way to give back is by participating in Nelnet’s United Way campaign, which is right around the corner. Stay tuned!