Creating an awesome work environment By Kyle Danielson April 21, 2021

Nelnet’s Ongoing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

Last year, Nelnet formed Better Together, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program to provide opportunities for associates to increase cultural competence in all situations. To promote more fluid conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion, the Better Together has been busy creating new opportunities for associates to get involved with the Program. Here are some of the things they’ve been working on:

Mentorship Program

The Nelnet Mentorship Program is a great way for associates to establish new relationships that celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and build leadership skills. The Mentorship Program is company-wide, available to all associates, and encompasses what Nelnet is all about – creating an awesome work environment.

Training Courses

By intentionally putting energy into learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion – then evaluating and understanding ourselves at a deeper level – we all benefit and grow.

A variety of training courses are available to associates through our Learning Portal, including online courses and an eLearning Library.

Also look for the weekly Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Spotlight that takes a deeper dive into various DEI topics that you can find in the Nelnet Communications.

Small Group Conversations

Nelnet wants to host more conversations about how to create a safe place for everyone who wants to share their opinions or expand their views. That’s what Better Together Small Group Conversations are all about. Available to anyone in the company, these live, town-hall-style events encourage communication and understanding from all sides of the issues.

Associate Resource Groups

Better Together is forming dedicated Associate Resource Groups (ARGs). These voluntary, associate-led teams provide you opportunities to meet other Nelnet associates with like-minded interests while growing your professional network. ARGs also work together to give back to Nelnet’s business areas and the communities in which we live and work.

Moving forward, we’ll be looking for new ways to support each other and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organizational goals. The Better Together Program is already doing a great job of facilitating these discussions, and it’s just getting started.




Kyle Danielson

Associate Creative Writer

Kyle Danielson is an associate creative writer for Nelnet. He works on a number of different writing projects for Nelnet's vast array of businesses. Kyle's favorite part of his job is that he can (sometimes) incorporate horrendous puns into his writing. In his free time, Kyle likes to inhale ramen and hide from the sun playing video games.