Driving Culture Forward at Fall 2023 Innovation Week

Discover what speakers and sessions were featured at Innovation Week to help Nelnet’s innovation leaders and participating associates focus on culture-related ideas.

Nelnet Associate Tod Fenner is Promoted to Brigadier General

Discover how Nelnet Diversified Services IT Director Tod Fenner, recently promoted to Brigadier General, leads through learning to maintain effectiveness in his civlitan and military roles and his personal life.

Walktober is for Wellness

While walking with senior leaders and executives on Wednesdays is an October event, Nelnet’s year-round programs, incentives, and activities helped it rank 58th in the nation for healthiest employers.

Fostering Success: Women in Leadership and IT at Nelnet

Discover how Nelnet fosters an environment to support women’s leadership and success in all roles through networking, associate resource groups, mentorships, and more.

Valuing New Voices in Company Culture

Creating an awesome work environment is a core value at Nelnet, and we want to give everyone a voice in how we do it. Here's how we do.

Discover the Impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Nelnet

The first part of our two-part series on Better Together – our diversity, equity, and inclusion program – focused on how the program started. Now we explore how our programs are evolving, how Better Together has made a difference, and why DEI matters.

Natalie Artibee Wins 2023 Butterfield Leadership Award

At Nelnet, the Steve Butterfield Award for Excellence in Leadership is an annual celebration of our collective commitment to service-driven leadership.

We’re Building a Better Nelnet, Together

Nelnet launched its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program at the height of a world pandemic in 2020 – and we got even better together.

Nelnet Rallies Around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in October

As part of the company’s Better Together initiative to promote diversity, equity and inclusion company-wide, Nelnet used October as a time to really spotlight several causes that matter to the company and its associates.