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  • Put Payments on Auto-Pilot
  • Support Credit/Debit/ACH payments
  • Reduce fees in comparison to incumbent providers
  • Provide best in class customer service
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Stop worrying about housing and dues collection

Provide flexible tuition payment plans to students and parents to simplify payment tracking and management for your organization with Nelnet Campus Commerce Tuition Management. It’s a flexible billing tool to help you manage finances and project cash flow. Nelnet Campus Commerce Tuition Management also helps your organization improve communication with families, enhances fiscal forecasting, and provides a single system to capture tuition, dues and fees.

Our Tools

Our comprehensive financial solutions use service and technology to help make dues management easy.


Need help with collecting or managing tuition, dues, incidental charges, etc? With our comprehensive suite of financial solutions we can significantly improve the financial management experience for everyone involved through flexible, online payment services.

Incidental Billing

Nelnet Campus Commerce Incidental Billing & Prepay Accounts allows you to bill for fees that fall outside of regular dues and fees. This could include technology fees, meals, athletics, and trips. It also allows your members to prepay for any upcoming expenses.

Advanced Accounting

Advanced Accounting allows Nelnet Campus Commerce to become your accounts receivable subsidiary ledger. It also helps you become more efficient in your day-to-day accounting processes through the elimination of duplicate data entry.

Payment Forms

Create forms in minutes for event registrations and permissions. Collect payments and minimize security risks by reducing or even eliminating paper forms and cash/check payments. Our forms let you track information and payments across every classroom and department.

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