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As an experienced and trusted partner to state government entities and agencies, Nelnet leverages a full range of advanced solutions and experience working in highly regulated industries to help you achieve your targets – all while delivering outstanding service for you and your constituents.

Creating a Positive Citizen Experience

Citizens’ expectations of their interactions with state agencies have dramatically changed. Today, citizens expect and demand that these interactions are on par with their experiences with private agencies. Nelnet is your proven partner for managing and advancing vital agency processes and deploying innovative technology solutions that increase productivity and efficiency to better support the needs of the people you serve.

State Government Experience

Nelnet provides government-specific solutions backed by years of experience serving state government agencies.

Citizen Focused

Nelnet reveals critical citizen insights and uses objective experience research to remove barriers and create data-driven designs for systems, websites, and internal tools.

Trusted Partnerships

As a trusted partner, our team customizes solutions to fit your needs and provide ongoing support.

Compliance Focused

Nelnet’s government services are all supported by Nelnet’s expert compliance and cybersecurity teams.

Integrated Support

Nelnet integrates technology with efficient, effective, and scalable support solutions that provide a human connection, providing citizens with outstanding support and service.

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Our Offerings

Nelnet’s solutions address the unique needs of your agency – and the people you serve. From migrating, modernizing, or re-architecting applications to achieving or maintaining accessibility to providing white-label call center service and support, our expert teams deliver outstanding citizen interactions and outcomes.

Financial Systems Development and Modernization

Nelnet has the expertise and technology to provide state agencies with comprehensive financial system solutions that ensure funds get into the right hands quickly and accurately while managing repayment securely and in compliance with laws and regulations.


We understand that the most innovative technology must provide exceptional user experience, be flexible and easily integrated, and have expert support to meet citizens’ needs. Elevate your digital experience with our data-driven, UI/UX approach. We ensure accessibility, compliance, and modernized platforms, while seamlessly integrating new functionality into legacy systems. Our approach also includes incorporating data tracking flows with predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Contact Center

Nelnet’s fully scalable, white-label call center solution utilizes expert teams and technology – providing a human connection, creating a positive experience, and delivering outstanding support and service.

Back-Office Processing

Nelnet maximizes your agency’s capabilities with our efficient, effective, and scalable back-office processing, leveraging advanced customer transparency and reporting services.

Grant and Scholarship Management

Our full-service, web-based financial aid management system allows flexibility and reliability to award, pay, and manage financial aid program funds.

Renewable Energy

Nelnet can assist in achieving your agency’s carbon neutrality goals with our full-scope Net Zero solution from developing a carbon neutrality plan to deploying solutions and operations. Additionally, our vertically integrated model allows us to provide end-to-end solar installation service.

Payment Technology

Our experienced developers create and modernize systems to collect and manage payment processing while maintaining a reliable and secure connection.


Our software engineers, architects, and project managers have extensive experience in web development and document remediation to help make your products and services accessibility compliant. Learn to incorporate checks and best practices in your processes with assessments and training.

Case Study: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation

State governments face a significant challenge with fraud, which can take many forms and result in substantial financial losses. Agencies must stay vigilant and take proactive steps to combat fraud, ensuring that public funds are used for their intended purposes and protecting the integrity of the state’s financial systems. Discover how Nelnet was able to help this Nevada state agency accurately and efficiently address a rapid influx of claims.

The Challenge

The detection and prevention of fraud can be complex and resource intensive, requiring sophisticated fraud detection systems, robust data analytics, and highly trained staff. Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) determined it was inadequately staffed to investigate, adjudicate, and recover fraudulent claims internally due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the state’s unemployment rate.

The Solution

To support Nevada’s DETR with identifying fraudulent activity impacting the state and claimants, Nelnet was awarded a four-year contract. As part of this contract, Nelnet provides this state agency with back-office staff and 75 full-time contact center agents to provide these valuable services.

Back-Office Processing

Nelnet’s back-office staff reviews unemployment claims to determine their authenticity.

Contact Center

Nelnet’s agents use outbound email, telephone, and other communications to beneficiaries and their employers, obtaining documentation necessary to validate their unemployment claims.

The Results

With Nelnet’s help, Nevada’s DETR was able to efficiently and accurately review and investigate overpayments and fraudulent claims, and improve proficiency for achieving the targeted number of reviews.

0 K+

Overpayment Reviews Completed Within 3 Days of Activation

0 K+

Identity Claims Reviewed Within 10 Weeks

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Improved Proficiency Score for Achieving the Targeted Number of Reviews

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