We Help Nonprofits Do More Good

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We help nonprofits:

  • grow online giving.
  • activate more volunteers.
  • streamline and personalize member communications.
  • increase event registrations & attendance.
  • learn more about their members, their interests, their giving habits, etc.
  • simplify training and/or certifications of volunteers, staff, etc.
  • educate the broader community on the purpose and impact of the nonprofit.
  • minimize the amount of time being spent by staff managing tools and member data so you can focus on executing the mission of their organization.
  • avoid being held hostage to social media algorithms and noise.
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We serve nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

  • Arts & Cultural Organizations
  • Camps
  • Community & Youth Centers
  • Animal Rescue Centers
  • Student Organizations
  • Alumni Associations
  • Shelters
  • Professional Associations
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Clubs

Discover how to expand your fundraising and engage with your donors in this post-pandemic era.

Fundraising for nonprofits has changed. Explore how to fundraise post-COVID as you navigate donor management, member engagement and expanding your capabilities with minimal staff. This whitepaper previews research done through COVID-19 and the impact on fundraising. Nelnet discovered three keys to maximizing fundraising efforts in an era where fiscal hardship is wide-spread.

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Our Tools

Our suite of tools were built to help nonprofits create connected, engaged, and generous members. Each product can work individually, or when used together, can serve as an all-in-one member engagement + management solution.

We partner with you to understand the mission of your nonprofit and build a package to get you there.

Online Giving + Fundraising

All of your online giving needs under one roof. Make it easy for your donors to give one-time and recurring donations via your website, mobile app, text, and more. Quickly and easily raise funds for a specific cause using a dedicated crowdfunding page that brings the cause to life.

Forms & Registrations

Make it easy for your members to register to volunteer, purchase event tickets, check-in, complete a survey, and more.

Branded Mobile App

Equip your community with access to everything they need through a fully branded mobile app for your organization. Give your members access to all the tools, content, and communications they need anytime, anywhere. Send broadcast or member targeted push messages that create awareness and engagement.

Text Messaging

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time via text. Send a text to a specific person, a group of people, or your entire community. Does your org have a time-sensitive need? With 98% of texts being read within the first 2 minutes, there is no better way to get it out there.


A cost-effective way to launch a responsive website that looks great on any device and is easy to update. Our easy-to-use website content management system (CMS) lets you promote your vision and values, as well as share information with current and prospective families — all with strong branding for your institution.

Member Management & Insights

Imagine having all your member data in one place. Even better, imagine putting that data to work for your organization to do more good.

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