Why Outbound Staffing is Challenging to Calculate

While inbound contact center services tend to be reactive – when a customer calls, agents are standing by and ready to serve their needs – outbound contact is proactive as your agents are initiating the contact but there’s no guarantee the customer will respond. That means that while contact center operations can be more accurately staffed to manage their inbound volume based on historical data, outbound key performance indicators (KPIs) are typically much different – which means estimating outbound staff needs to be calculated differently. Our calculator does not estimate outbound staffing.

Staffing for outbound engagements will require a separate conversation to better understand your needs and goals.

Consider these key variables for outbound contact.

List Definition

Who do you want to contact? What parameters will be set to define who will and will not be included in your campaign?

List Processing

What communication channels (e.g., email, SMS/text, phone call, etc.) do you want use? What compliance is needed to ensure applicable laws and regulations are being followed?

Customer Contact

How will you measure productivity using KPIs and other resolution metrics (closed sale, satisfactory customer service, etc.)? What reporting will you use to guide other business strategies?

Outbound Multi-Channel Customer Service

We can support your customers wherever they are, across their preferred channels – and all under your brand.

  • Outbound calls
  • Email
  • Chat/SMS messaging
  • Letters
  • Fax
  • English/Spanish
  • TTY for hearing impaired

Campaign Execution

We can increase the scale and effectiveness of your outbound campaign efforts with our proven capabilities.

High-Quality Performance and Top Service

Nelnet can deliver exceptional experiences for your customers, whether they’re calling in for support or you’re reaching out to them. Our 100% onshore agents are accustomed to providing the same high-quality performance and experience for every customer in complex and highly regulated industries.

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