Simplifying Private Loan Processing, Today and Every Day

Our solution connects any participating school, CommonLine-compliant service provider, or financial aid management system (FAMS) with private student loan providers and their loan programs. From certification through disbursement, automate private student loan data quickly, securely, and error-free. Create customized SmartSearches, set preferences, automate disbursements and refunds from multiple lenders in a single roster, track all activity with handy audit trails, and more.

Make Private Loan Processing the Easiest Part of Your Day

Our secure, online solution has been efficiently automating private loan certification and disbursement for over 25 years. We know loan processing is just one part of your day – our dedicated team makes sure it’s the easiest part.

Come for the Technology, Stay for the People

Our solution’s technology offers convenience and time savings to our customers, but it’s the unparalleled service they really love.

Flexible Automation

Our secure, flexible solution provides a fully automated electronic process compatible with FAMS vendors, reducing errors and saving you time.

Consummate Team

Our industry-experienced and knowledgeable team provides friendly, reliable support. They understand your challenges and know how our solutions can help.


Our lender-neutral technology segregates all data to protect school and lender users, and access for support is tightly controlled.

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If you're ready to start automating your private loan processing with ScholarNet, reach out to our team of experts to discuss your unique needs and schedule a demonstration.

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Industries We Serve

In providing an online private loan certification and disbursement solution that saves time, reduces errors, and is supported by experts with industry knowledge, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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Nelnet provides valuable solutions across multiple business lines. We invite you to explore our brands related to loan certification and disbursement.

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