Prioritize the Citizen Experience

Government agencies have struggled to keep pace with evolving citizens’ needs as their expectations change and new technologies are introduced. To meet the expectations of its citizen customers, the government is facing the reality of what it takes to deliver a citizen-centric experience across its services and platforms. Leverage our expertise for the help you need.

We understand citizens and their expectations from the government.

From Nelnet’s over 40 years of experience serving government citizens, we’ve developed a deep understanding of their needs.

Incorporate End-to-End Customer Journeys

Create seamless and personalized experiences that enhance satisfaction and foster a long-term relationship by incorporating comprehensive citizen-centric journeys.

Integrate User-Centric Design Practices

Provide more intuitive user experiences by integrating user-centric design practices that ensure that your services and products are developed with a deep understanding of your users’ needs and preferences.

Provide a Transparent, Digital Experience

Foster trust and accountability by offering citizens clear and easily accessible information, enhancing their confidence in digital interactions with your agency.

Find out how we deliver.

Combining various services and strengths from across our organization, Nelnet provides comprehensive financial system solutions that ensure funds get into the right hands quickly and accurately, while managing repayment securely and in compliance with laws and regulations. With our fully accessible solution, we build a bridge of trust between you and all your constituents.


System equity and access are ensured, thanks to our experienced and diverse accessibility team.

Data Analytics

We fully integrate predictive data analytics and user behavior into our system and service development.

Integrated Back-Office Support

Citizens receive timely and accurate information in the ways they prefer with our expanded operational bandwidth.

Person-to-Person Customer Interaction

Our integrated customer communications offer citizens highly-trained, U.S.-based support to address their needs.

Data Security and Integrity

With comprehensive data security and compliance, we can provide your citizens with secure and safe environments.

UI/UX Research and Design

The foundation of a positive citizen experience is the application of modern UI/UX principals; that’s a top priority for us.

Discover what we have accomplished.

Case Study: Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
Learn more about the scalable, reliable, and secure customer-focused, day-to-day management that Nelnet provides NIFA and the Nebraska Homeowner Assistance Fund (NHAF) program as we assist homeowners with past due payments for their mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance, and more.

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Driven by a purpose to serve and known as an innovative provider of trusted, efficient solutions, Nelnet has helped government agencies at all levels meet increasing demands and deliver exceptional service for years. There are easy mechanisms for you to learn more and access Nelnet’s services through our General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) vehicle.

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