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Security meets simplicity with every payment processing tool we create. That means you can skip all the hassles and challenges, and get right to smooth and streamlined payments.

API Integration

Our developers work hard to simplify your payment processing from the jump, which is where the payment gateway’s REST API and supporting developer docs come in. This helps you lay the foundation for fully integrated, user-friendly solutions.

Checkout Widget

Accept payments in minutes – no tech skills required. Our simple Checkout Widget makes it easy for you to create a checkout experience exactly as you want it.

Offer More Ways to Pay

Flexibility is a bonus for consumers and organizations alike. That’s why we make all types of payments possible, so you and your supporters can make transactions as easy and convenient as possible.


Safe, easy-to-use, and with no extra cost, ACH payments are a win-win for everyone.

Credit Card

Just put it all on the card—our technologies accept credit and debit payments from all the major card brands: Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover®, JCB, UnionPay, BC Card, and Diners Club.

Recurring Payments

Make it easy for customers to set up and execute set-it-and-forget-it payments to your business.

Browse Our FAQs

Finding answers to common challenges is something we do every day. This collection of common questions is a great place to get some top insights.

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Load Up on Payments Potential

Our solutions come loaded with features that help you keep financial transactions moving securely and smoothly.

Online & E-Commerce

Operate your business anywhere you want, anytime you want without the burden of online and mobile transaction consolidation. That means you’ll know exactly where you are from the moment you enter the dashboard.

Timely Settlement

Our payment gateway settles approved transactions so you can get your funds fast.

Account Updater

If you or your customers rely on recurring payments, Account Updater removes the hassle of collecting updated card information to keep your payments processing without interruption.

Mobile App

Make on-the-go payments a breeze for customers. Just enter the payment amount into our mobile app, swipe a card, and process payments.

Virtual Terminal

Merchants can quickly initiate requests for customers to make a payment or donation from one central gateway.


Pull data on payment history, account activity, and transaction details to reconcile and apply payments.

Get Paid

Revenue sharing options allow technology partners to make extra money with every transaction processed.

Service Fee / Surcharging

For education-based organizations and nonprofits, our experts can help reduce credit card costs associated with service fees and surcharging.

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