We majored in higher education.

You may know Nelnet as the nation’s largest student loan servicer, actively working with thousands of educational institutions. What you may not know is that Nelnet has helped finance solar installations in 15 states valued at $870 million. Campus solar is our homecoming, combining our deep knowledge of university finance and operations with our expertise in deploying and managing clean energy solutions. Plus, we’ve partnered with experienced solar and battery developers who know industry best practices and applicable state regulations so you don’t have to.

We’ll help you address the challenges you face.

Our experience with higher ed has illuminated some of the many concerns associated with running an institution in 2021. Campus Solar with Nelnet is here to alleviate those pressures.

Need to Reduce Overhead Costs

Solar conversion provides considerable and reliable savings on energy costs – particularly helpful with decreasing enrollment, the expanded need for hybrid and virtual learning, etc.

Carbon Neutrality Goal Pressure

Converting to solar provides clean energy to your campus and boosts sustainability and brand value as your institution is tasked with meeting aggressive climate action goals.

Drive to Increase Enrollment

On-campus sustainability factors into college attendance choices for many students – and campus solar offers opportunities for instructional collaboration – giving you a recruiting edge.

3 out of 4

prospective students say a college’s environmental commitment would affect their decision.1


decrease in solar module prices since 2010.2

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Proposed increase in solar energy supply in the U.S. by 2050.3

Why On-Campus Solar?

Bringing clean energy to your campus has never been more feasible. Solar financing includes the following benefits, among many others.

Zero Upfront Cost

Nelnet will finance the entire solar array, so you don’t have to borrow or dip into capital.

Long-Term Savings

Your decreased energy bill has the potential to save millions of dollars over the course of your solar array’s lifecycle.

No Maintenance

Nelnet and our partners will build and operate the entire solar array at no cost to you.

Customized Approach

We’ll work with you to establish a solution that fits your campus’ needs: batteries, car charging, rooftop solar – you name it.

Why go solar with Nelnet?

We’re uniquely positioned as an experienced higher ed partner and expert in financing and deploying clean energy.

  • We’ve been working with higher ed institutions for decades. Our relationships and awareness of your needs and stakeholders can get your project painlessly off the ground.
  • We have the capacity to fully self-finance your campus solar project while managing all facets of the program from start to finish.
  • Our solar developments have led to approximately 9.2 million tons of carbon emissions avoided.
  • Our full-scope analysis covers supply chain management, construction, capital markets, data analytics, electrical engineering, energy supply and demand, and more.
  • Nelnet can access the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) as well as state incentives, significantly reducing construction costs and passing the savings on to your institution.

Toward Carbon Neutrality

Move beyond renewable energy and further decarbonize your campus operations with our additional offerings:

  • Fleet Electrification
  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Stationary Battery Storage
  • Campus Microgrid

Every campus is different; we’ll fully customize our offerings to meet your needs on your timeline.

Our Campus Solar Team

Learn more about the team that’s leading Nelnet Renewable Energy’s campus solar initiative. With our leadership team’s expertise and experience, you’ll see why campuses and other institutions are looking to Nelnet to explore their energy options.

Victor Engel

Victor Engel, P.E.

National Director, Solar Development


Victor Engel is the national director of solar development and director of business development for higher education institutions at Nelnet. He has worked in the renewable space for over 40 years including solar, battery energy storage, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal technologies before joining Nelnet to lead all of their solar development functions. Victor has managed various functions of the value chain, including business development, origination, mergers & acquisitions, engineering and regulatory, procurement, construction, and operations and maintenance. He has transacted over 4 gigawatts of projects totaling over $10 billion of investments. Victor holds a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

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