Exceptional Service to Reach and Maintain Fully Subscribed Farms

Renewable energy solutions positively impact the environment and our world. That’s why we’ve made significant solar investments – and why we leverage our servicing experience to partner with solar energy developers and utility companies. We use a variety of marketing channels, seamless utility integration, accurate invoicing, and exceptional service to our partners and their subscribers to deliver fully subscribed, well-managed community solar farms.

We’re Applying Our Recipe for Success to Community Solar

Community solar, we’ve arrived – with everything we’ve learned about successfully managing large portfolios through exceptional servicing and elevating the customer experience.

Subscriber Engagement

Our multi-channel marketing helps us attract, educate, and engage subscribers – while our large, tenured call center provides accurate, helpful assistance from real people.

Operational Excellence

With decades of organizational experience providing compliant back-office support in regulated industries, our customers enjoy accurate billing and payment processing.

Financial Expertise

We bring financial acumen and steady cash flow, plus experience with high-volume payment processing from other industry experience – and have applied it to solar.

Trusted Long-Term Partner

As a large, publicly traded organization with decades of experience supporting large-scale operations, our high-touch approach offers quality of care and consumer protection.

Our Offerings

Our flexible offerings to support community solar developers in acquiring and maintaining fully subscribed projects use core strengths we’ve developed over decades across multiple business lines.

Subscriber Acquisition

Our strategy supports fully subscribed projects that maintain a robust waitlist. With our marketing and customer experience expertise, we customize a highly effective customer acquisition plan to your project needs that maintains compliance and meets timelines and subscriber qualification requirements.

Subscriber Management

Our end-to-end operational solution includes high-touch, multichannel contact center services, streamlined billing, dedicated utility management and support, highly secure payment processing, and a management platform custom built for community solar. Our core strengths are in use with our approach.

Backup Servicing

Backup servicing is a critical assurance that your serviced assets will be fine if the primary provider’s situation changes. We have over 40 years of servicing success and compliance in highly regulated industries, and we provide great reliability, expertise, and service in our role as a backup servicer.

Supported By Experienced Professionals Spanning Many Disciplines

Delivering a great experience to our clients and customers is a group effort. Our love for what we do – and the positive environment we create – means we get enthusiastic, expert help from other teams throughout Nelnet. We give a grateful nod here to just a few of them.

  • Compliance
  • Contact Center
  • Creative Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance
  • Information Technology and Security
  • Operations
  • User Experience

Be a Referral Partner for Community Solar

Bring the benefits of community solar to your employees and customers by being a referral partner for community solar. Create a new revenue stream for your business and help others save money on energy costs.

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Industries We Serve

In providing exceptional service that allows our partners to reach and maintain fully subscribed community solar farms, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.


Nelnet supports renewable energy through tax equity investments in solar and by leveraging expertise in asset management, compliant operations, technology, marketing, customer experience, and more. Plus, we support emerging clean technologies.


Nelnet was founded on making our customers’ educational dreams possible. Our partners in this industry know that our commitment to education – from K-12 to higher education – is part of what defines us.

Financial Services

With decades of experience with loans to payment plans and more, Nelnet’s longevity and reputation in this industry thrive based on our innovation, compliance, quality, efficiency, and customer experience.


At Nelnet, we know the most innovative technology anticipates customer needs, provides exceptional user experience, is flexible and easily integrated – and must be supported by real people providing expert service.

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