At Nelnet, we want to empower our associates to make an impact at work and in their communities. We offer a wide variety of perks to help Nelnet associates succeed in every business line – and to have fun outside of work too! Whether you’re looking for management training programs or discounts to local businesses, we’ve got perks at work for you.

Perk Up

Ongoing Career Development

To support associates at all stages of their careers, we started our very own learning platform: Nelnet University. With three schools, the School of Professional Development, School of Leadership, and School of Business Acumen, we offer customized learning paths for all associates – from entry-level to executive.

Local Discounts

It’s almost like you’re a celebrity – as an associate, you’re eligible for discounts all over the country. In addition to ongoing deals at local restaurants and business, we regularly give out discounted tickets to sporting events and concerts across the country.

Volunteer Policy

Giving back is so important to us that it’s one of our core values. To support that value, we give Nelnet associates paid time off to volunteer for certain organizations – so you can make a difference in the community you live and work in.

Student Loan Aid

We offer tuition reimbursement for all Nelnet associates that have been here for more than one year. Plus, we give associates the option to pay off their students loans through their 401(k) payments – and match contributions of 3% or less dollar to dollar.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Nelnet’s wellness program allows you to earn money by making healthy choices like drinking water, tracking your steps, or logging your exercise. Our competitive healthcare plans and on-site health clinic (in Lincoln) allow you to continue improving your health throughout the year.

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