Integrating ESG to Boost Your Solar Tax Equity Investments

While the financial benefits offered by solar tax equity investments are often sufficient alone to attract strategic corporate investors, companies that integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into the solar investment underwriting process fare better – and do greater good.

Driving Progress in Renewable Energy - 2021 Annual Report

Nelnet Renewable Energy has brought that mission of service, as well as deep operational and financial strength, to the renewable energy industry – where we’ve built a full vertical integration of solutions in just three years.

Making Thousands of New Dreams Possible

At Nelnet, we’re always on the lookout for new purpose-driven partners who share our passion for service. Recently, our FACTS brand had the opportunity to donate its services to Mercy Ships, a global nonprofit that sends hospital ships filled with volunteer professionals around the world to perform surgeries on children and adults in need. Together, we were able to elevate the education experience for volunteer families.

Supporting the Malone Center’s Evolving Work for Equality

As part of Nelnet’s Service, Not Silence fundraiser, the Nelnet Foundation recently made a significant contribution to the Malone Center – an organization that has been committed to promoting equality and eliminating multi-generational poverty in Lincoln, Neb.

Making Thousands of New Dreams Possible

With annual gifts up to $560,000, the Nelnet Foundation helps the Learn to Dream Scholarship unleash potential in low-income students.