Case Study

Targeting Donors with Effective Communication

Lighthouse Christian School’s director of finance talks about how the K-8 school uses FACTS Giving to enhance their development efforts.

Case Study

University of Oregon Case Study

The University of Oregon has now been a Nelnet Campus Commerce partner for more than 15 years. What made them stay so long? If you ask Mark, the answer’s simple: the people.

Case Study

Power Up Your CX Engine With Skill Sets You Already Have

Customer Experience (CX) is critical to business success. See how Nelnet collaborated, restructured, and refocused our mindset to deliver on it.


Operating Your Business Under Adverse Conditions

Nelnet proactively prepares for the unexpected and effectively uses business continuity plans. We share tips with our clients and partners.

Case Study

University of Redlands Case Study

The University of Redlands had just begun a newly formed partnership with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) when Nelnet Campus Commerce acquired TMS in 2018. They faced a decision — transition to Nelnet Campus Commerce, or explore other options.

Case Study

College of the Mainland: When Disaster Strikes

When Hurricane Harvey hit, College of the Mainland's only priority was making sure their students were taken care of. Andrea Fillip, bursar at College of the Mainland, explains how Nelnet Campus Commerce were able to help their students delay payment plans, so they can focus on recovering from the crisis.

Case Study

Lycoming College Gets Savvy With Automated Payment Solutions

Lycoming College's goal of going paperless seemed exciting and daunting at the same time. Cindy Springman, a bursar at Lycoming College, says thankfully Nelnet Campus Commerce was able to make the transition and integration with their system as smooth as possible.

Case Study

From ‘Dead in the Water’ to Hitting the Deadline: a College’s Payment Journey

With only three months before going live with their new ERP system, Indian River State College was missing a payment processing system. Even though Nelnet Campus Commerce did not initially have a compatible cashiering product, by working together with the college's ERP company it found a solution that saved Indian River State College from disaster.