Case Study

CFT Partners with the Archdiocese of Chicago for Catechist Management 

The Archdiocese spoke with more than 700 individuals to help draft the future direction of their Catechist Management program and added an online option.


The Ever-Changing Student Loan Landscape 

Based on unprecedented changes in student loan repayment in 2020 and a new administration, we explore what 2021 may bring for student loans.


Tax-Free Student Loan Benefits Extended 

The COVID Relief and Omnibus Spending bill extended the tax benefit for student loan repayment benefits, creating an opportunity for employers.


What Careers Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck?

There are many career paths that will set you up for financial success, but some of them require more time to earn a degree in order to get the job you want.


Building Confidence on Video 

It’s possible to record high-stakes video with important content for student learning without a high level of anxiety and discomfort. We provide tips.


Does Teacher Coaching Matter? 

A recent study from professors at Brown and Harvard University discovered positive effects of coaching on a teacher’s instructional practice and on student learning.


Slow Down Your Automatic Brain 

To explore implicit bias, we review the brain’s automatic and conscious systems.

Case Study

Increased Efficiency, Decreased Redundancy: The Paperless Business Office

The Pine School partnered with FACTS to go paperless, increase efficiency, and decrease redundancy in the business office.


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