Successful Fundraising is Possible

Making a difference can be expensive! To make an impact on any level, successful fundraising is a critical objective of most nonprofit organizations. With the landscape of fundraising forever changed by the pandemic, there are challenges to continue operations and encourage charitable giving. Through the last few difficult years, nonprofits have rallied with amazing creativity, leading many organizations towards new fundraising processes.

To aid in your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, we have created this toolkit to help you talk about your mission to current and potential new donors. In 2020, charitable giving went up 5.1 percent, a surprising increase despite the economic downturn. Additionally, this sense of urgency carried over into 2021, where total giving and number of donors grew by 10 percent and 6 percent respectively. From basic tools of the trade to sample messaging, let this be your guide to accepting more.

Green ebook cover with a credit card, coins and dollar bills floating above a tablet device

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Natalie Schwarz

Content Marketing Writer, Nelnet Payment Services

Natalie Schwarz is a Content Marketing Writer for Nelnet Payment Services. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing and has over a decade of professional writing experience. When she’s not crafting content for blogs, case studies, and social media, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband and their twin boys or relaxing with an embroidery project and a podcast.