The coronavirus affects even credit card transactions.

It seems the coronavirus pandemic is touching every part of our lives and where we accept credit card payments is no exception. If you are accepting in-person payments using a physical terminal, you’re probably looking for ways to keep it especially clean. As with anything electrical, some common sense rules should be applied. Liquids and electronics still don’t mix. Pouring disinfectant directly on the payment terminal is not advised.

Ingenico has offered a helpful guide for their specific system. With any terminal, we recommend checking with the care instructions that came with your terminal and to make sure you understand the warranty.

Thank you for doing your part to keep customers and staff healthy!


Angela Nielsen

Manager of Product Development, Nelnet Payment Services

Angela is an Accredited ACH Professional, Accredited Payments Risk Professional, and a Certified Payments Professional, with over a decade of experience serving the education and nonprofit space. For Nelnet, she works to define and realize the product roadmap, focusing on the development of integrated payment and billing systems serving customers in the US and internationally. She is an active member of the NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance, a participant in the EPCOR Third Party Sender Committee, and has a passion for powering the payments that help organizations serve their mission. Based in Omaha, she enjoys spending free time with family and friends, cooking with her husband, and spoiling their pets.