Nelnet Campus Commerce

Nelnet Campus Commerce delivers payment technology for a smarter campus. Our product suite uses the latest technology to create a unique and integrated payment experience for more than 1,300 campuses across the country. Our intuitive and secure solutions are PCI Level 1 validated and integrate with every major ERP. From payment processing and refunds, to tuition payment plans and online storefronts, Nelnet Campus Commerce helps process every payment on campus.

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Payment Solutions

Actively Managed Payment Plans

Increase affordability, reduce administrative burdens, and improve access by allowing students to budget tuition and fee payments according to a schedule defined by your institution.

eBill & ePay

Save money, increase cash flow, and improve service to students by presenting bills electronically and allowing online payments in a PCI Level 1 compliant environment.

Student Choice Refunds

Offer a refund method that limits fee exposure to students, promotes choice, and protects your institution from increased scrutiny surrounding refund disbursement.


Sell physical and digital goods, process event registrations, and solicit donations – all within a single, self-service web store with shopping cart functionality, inventory management, and more.


Integrate in-person payments into your online payment gateway, streamline the process at the cashier’s window, and automate the manual tasks associated with departmental deposits.

Hosted Payments

Allow departments across campus to securely accept credit/debit card or ACH payments without capturing or storing card information, keeping your institution secure and compliant.

Campus Key

Unlock the true potential of a connected campus with this secure mobile app designed to act as a virtual wallet, student ID, and campus communication hub.