Vosaic is a cloud-based performance discovery company that provides easy-to-use video recording and analysis software for professional development, skills-based training, and research to K-12, higher education, healthcare, and private sector institutions.

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Industries We Serve


Professional development has the most impact when it focuses on empowering teachers to take ownership, occurs locally, and happens in context. Vosaic helps schools use video to more efficiently and consistently observe, coach, and help teachers improve their practice.

Higher Education

Vosaic helps students directly link methods coursework with student field experiences. It encourages self-observation, effectively helping colleges of education develop self-reflective practitioners.


Vosaic's mobile, flexible, and hardware-independent video platform helps nursing schools and hospitals record and collect data from medical simulations for debrief and research.

Professional Skills Training

Vosaic allows objective feedback to be provided on even the most subjective – and elusive – soft skills. Vosaic’s video platform helps professionals sharpen their ability to engage others, negotiate, persuade, read body language, and more.