ALLO Communications

ALLO was formed in Imperial, Nebraska in 2003 from a realization that we deserved more from our communications providers. Our first customers were our neighbors, making customer satisfaction not just local, but personal. Our all-fiber network has rapidly expanded to 15 communities across Nebraska and Colorado.

ALLO provides reliable, fiber-optic communications and entertainment services, including broadband internet, phone, and TV, with honest customer service for businesses and homes.

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Our Services

Fiber Internet

With speed options up to 1 GIG, ALLO fiber internet and broadband let you upload as fast as you download – you won’t believe the difference. No buffering, no suffering. Just crazy fast surfing, streaming, and downloading.

Fiber TV

With ALLO Fiber TV, crystal-clear picture is just the beginning. Our Wireless Set-Top Box lets you watch from anywhere in your home – even the garage or patio. Plus, record up to four programs simultaneously with Whole Home DVR.

Fiber Phone

Enjoy crystal-clear sound, keep your phone number, and get rid of the outdated service – with ALLO Fiber Phone! And when you do, you'll enjoy free benefits like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail.