Renewable Energy

We understand the importance of making renewable and clean energy accessible to everyone in our communities — for homeowners, renters, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities, just to name a few.

That’s why we’re committing our resources and expertise to supporting renewable energy solutions, specifically by bringing community solar to areas across the country so everyone has equal access to the benefits of solar.

Since 2018, Nelnet has funded or committed to fund nearly $162 million to build community solar energy projects via tax equity financing. These projects currently consist of 95 sites, generating over 335,000 megawatt hours per year in renewable energy.

We also provide solar developers with subscriber acquisition and management services for their community solar projects. With our assistance, developers can reach fully subscribed projects and manage subscriber accounts through the term of their agreement.


We recognize the critical importance of renewable energy solutions and the positive impact this has on the environment and the world we live in. Building on our significant solar investment activities, we’re leveraging our servicing experience and partnering with solar energy developers and utility companies to offer community solar subscriber acquisition and management solutions.

Subscriber Acquisition

We provide subscriber acquisition to community solar developers. Our services feature a robust marketing program and utility integration for seamless billing.

Subscriber Management and Support

Our end-to-end operational solution supports subscriber management for community solar projects.

Contact Center

We're a servicing expert providing support to millions of customers today. We'll apply our knowledge and expertise to deliver a highly effective community solar customer experience.

Operational Improvement

Our stability and experience allow solar investors to meet subscriber targets, while still providing great service, reducing risk, and staying compliant.

Processing Support

We help maximize processing accuracy, offering full integration with utility companies and advanced payment processing capabilities.

A Deeper Dive Into Our Community Solar Offerings

Delivering Fully Subscribed Projects

We organize and launch all marketing campaigns to support fully subscribed projects.

  • Adhere to subscriber qualification requirements based on state, federal, and project-specific criteria.
  • Develop and maintain a robust waitlist to ensure full subscriptions at all times.
  • Follow applicable consumer laws and regulations in customer interactions.
  • Align with the needed timeline.

Our marketing team has experience in: brand management and monitoring, public relations, marketing plan development, multi-channel marketing campaign design and execution, marketing automation, social media, graphic design, and video production.

Integrating with Utility Billing Processes

We work closely with utility companies to establish information sharing and facilitate billing processes.

  • Oversee the flow of information between projects, utilities, and our system to ensure the proper crediting and billing occur.
  • Establish and maintain monthly billing processes and bill credit reconciliation, including issuing monthly billing statements, processing payments, and performing follow-up on missed payments.

Providing End-to-End Support

Our platform offers a full spectrum of features to support you and your subscribers on all your projects, including:

  • Enrollment.
  • Billing and account management.
  • Subscriber engagement.
  • Developer reporting.
  • Waitlist management.

Partner with Community Solar

Learn more about partnering to bring community solar to areas across the country.


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