Processing Support

Maximize your organization’s processing capabilities by leveraging our efficient, effective, and scalable back-office processing. Keeping tabs on how your business is operating is easy with our advanced customer transparency and reporting services.

By partnering with us, you can remain focused on growing your core business while improving throughput and compliance. Our streamlined approach delivers on-time processing and service delivery, at a potentially lower cost, resulting in great service to your customers.


Intake, Imaging, and Workflow

Customize your processes, improve efficiency, and run multiple workflows with our powerful, comprehensive system.

Mail Fulfillment

Increase your mailing capacity with confidence that your materials will be fulfilled and shipped on time — without complications.

Loan Application Processing

Our cloud-native loan application processing is a microservices-based and API-enabled solution that provides flexibility to manage a wide variety of loan types with diverse program requirements. The highly configurable solution takes you to market quickly and competitively.

Application Processing and Verification

Our customers benefit from a simple data entry process, efficient turnaround times, and clear, concise, compliant results.

Loan Servicing

Our loan servicing solution prioritizes integration and customer experience. Our advanced technologies allow segmented offerings to fit your programs. We have a client-centered approach, which increases collaboration, accountability, and goal alignment while managing risk.

Payment Processing

Provide your customers with payment flexibility, however they'd like to pay and on their schedule.

Financial Oversight and Reconciliation

We can help you effectively manage and oversee all cash transactions with proven audit and internal controls.

Credit Dispute Processing

Allow your staff to focus on high-priority tasks without sacrificing service levels with our streamlined, easy-to-use credit dispute processing.


Nelnet partners with organizations in a range of industries, from both public and private sectors. We deliver premier technical and operational solutions to help you transform the way you do business.

Consumer Services

Innovative and flexible technical and operational solutions to help you deliver outcomes that exceed your customers' expectations.

Government Services

Premier technology solutions, operational services, and program knowledge to support government services.

Renewable Energy

Supporting renewable energy with our highly effective community solar subscriber acquisition and management.

Business Process Outsourcing

Tailored solutions designed to help grow your business, allowing you to stay focused on your customers.

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Explore how these premier brands leverage our offerings to best serve clients.

Nelnet Loan Servicing

Nelnet Loan Servicing delivers exceptional application processing, servicing, and technology support to service millions of federal student loans.

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Great Lakes Loan Servicing

Great Lakes Loan Servicing consistently ranks first among federal student loan servicers in surveys conducted by Federal Student Aid. Achieving borrower success matters.

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Nelnet Renewable Energy

Learn how we can partner to make a difference in our communities by bringing clean, renewable energy to residents and businesses.

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