Helping Our Planet With Greenfield Development

Nelnet Renewable Energy partners with landowners and communities for a sustainable future by improving our connection with the sun through greenfield development.

Unlocking the Power of AI at Nelnet

Nelnet’s Data Science Manager Josh Jones recently explored the history of AI, what it is, and how it can be used effectively at an Innovation Week session with Nelnet associates.

Driving Culture Forward at Fall 2023 Innovation Week

Discover what speakers and sessions were featured at Innovation Week to help Nelnet’s innovation leaders and participating associates focus on culture-related ideas.

GRNE Solar Transitions to Nelnet Renewable Energy Brand

Since 2012, GRNE Solar has installed commercial and residential solar energy solutions and utility-scale solar systems across 13 states. Now, work will continue under the Nelnet Renewable Energy name. Learn more about the brand transition and what it means for associates, customers, prospects, and the future.

Introducing Nelnet’s Newest Business Segment – Nelnet Financial Services

Nelnet Financial Services is a new business segment dedicated to defining and structuring the company's financial assets, investments, and acquisitions. Learn more about this division’s strategic goals – and who’s leading the team.

Reflecting on Innovation Week 2023 with Nelnet’s Director of Innovation

During Innovation Week 2023, nearly 700 associates found new ways to be innovative thinkers and doers. Nelnet Director of Innovation Brian Ardinger shared with us some background about the event and Nelnet’s culture of innovation.

Nelnet Marketing Wins Big at the AMA Prism Awards

As a leading Lincoln, Neb.-based marketer, Nelnet Marketing brought home five AMA Prism Awards in May 2022. Learn more.

Nelnet Rebrands the Lincoln Marathon Ahead of 45th Anniversary

This year, Nelnet’s marketing team was happy to help rebrand the historic event. See how the new look turned out.

Nelnet’s Ed Mejia Designs Winning City of Lincoln Flag

Ed Mejia's flag design was selected by a committee with over 190 submissions from the public. Many other Nelnet submissions also made it into the final selection process.