Giving back to the communities in which we live and work Pursuing opportunities for diversification and growth By Susie McCormick January 18, 2024

Helping Our Planet With Greenfield Development

In 2024, Nelnet Renewable Energy is highly focused on growth in the area of greenfield development—but what exactly is it? Greenfield development is any kind of construction or development in a previously undeveloped area. When it comes to the environment, what we do with undeveloped land on our planet matters greatly.

Nelnet Renewable Energy’s team employs careful planning, innovative technology, and a collaborative approach to create successful solar projects. The landowners and communities that partner with us also know that we’re dedicated to environmental stewardship.

Why does greenfield development matter?

Solar development increases efficiency, sustainability, and resilience when the landowner’s goals and the environment are carefully considered. A landowner may not always see the potential for greenfield development’s benefits.

Nelnet Renewable Energy can assist landowners in understanding the benefits of a solar project on their land, such as:

  • Fostering ecological sustainability. Solar can enhance the symbiotic relationship a landowner has with the environment by harnessing the sun’s power.
  • Increasing earnings from their land. The generation of electricity can provide a steady stream of income for farmers or other landowners.
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Installing solar panels reduces reliance on the energy grid. It also may increase energy resilience when the grid is down during power outages.

What are some of the key steps in greenfield development?

Nelnet Renewable Energy is an engineering, procurement, and construction company that specializes in solar energy, with experts who can handle every aspect of a project. These four aspects define our team’s unique approach to greenfield development, although there are other steps involved:

  • Meticulous site assessments. We analyze the soil quality, solar irradiance, and topography to maximize each location’s energy output. Our team expertly handles regulations, zoning constraints, and environmental considerations to unlock each site’s potential.
  • Visionary leadership. We use the latest technology and strategic partnerships to integrate solar infrastructure seamlessly into the natural environment. This matters because we value creating a harmonious relationship between nature and clean energy.
  • Community engagement. We empower local communities and foster mutually beneficial relationships. We use transparent communication and address concerns with respect and caring. We design our projects to enrich the lives of those they touch.
  • Commitment to environmental responsibility. Each project speaks to our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable progress. We want to help others enjoy the advantages of solar power as they join us in the shift to clean energy.

What might greenfield development look like?

People can use land in different ways by being innovative, fostering strong relationships, and considering the site’s environmental concerns. One landowner may make additional money by installing solar panels and bee apiaries to produce honey and other bee products. Another landowner may decide to utilize the land adjacent to their solar panels for sheep grazing. This not only helps maintain the vegetation surrounding the panels but also generates additional income.

Nelnet Renewable Energy’s greenfield development team develops projects of all sizes for all types of clients in rural and suburban communities. Our team specializes in working with landowners with 100 acres of land or less. To learn more about using your undeveloped land for solar expansion, contact our greenfield development team today.




Susie McCormick

Senior Corporate Communications Writer