Prioritize the Citizen Experience

As the digital world has expanded and more people become tech-dependent, citizen expectations regarding the government and the modernization of service they provide have drastically increased. Today, financial platforms managed by the government must be built with the citizens experience as a priority. To meet today’s high expectations, financial platforms need to provide transparency, personalization, and security – and be accessible and equitable to everyone.

The Federal Government must deliver a simple, seamless, and secure customer experience, on par with or more effective than leading consumer experiences. In all sectors, services should reduce burdens, not increase them.


We understand the challenges facing your agency.

Our leaders and teams have worked with financial systems for decades and understand the challenges unique to government agencies.

Providing a Transparent, Personalized Experience

Today’s consumers demand that financial systems offer transparency and personalization – and providing access and equity for all is needed to create a positive experience.

Ensuring Fast, Accurate Delivery of Funds

Regardless of whether they are working with government services or commercial businesses, consumers' expectations are the same: they want funds to be delivered quickly and accurately to their accounts.

Managing Secure, Compliant Repayment

Your agency must maintain compliance with numerous laws and regulations – and citizens expect funds delivered securely, with no risk to their personal and financial data.

Find out how we deliver.

Combining various services and strengths from across our organization, Nelnet provides comprehensive financial system solutions that ensure funds get into the right hands quickly and accurately, while managing repayment securely and in compliance with laws and regulations. Our fully accessible solution builds the bridge of trust between you and all of your constituents.

UI/UX Research and Design

Application of modern user interface/user experience (UI/UX) principles is the foundation of a positive citizen experience.


Experience accessibility experts ensure system equity by removing barriers and providing an accessible experience for users of all abilities.

Data Analytics

Predictive data analytics are fully integrated with the portfolio construct.

Systems Modernization

Specialized technologists experienced in the development and modernization of federal financial systems maximize productivity.

Data Security and Integrity

A comprehensive approach to data security and compliance ensures a secure and safe environment for your employees and constituents.

Person-to-Person Customer Interaction

Integrated customer communications provide citizens highly-trained, U.S.-based support to address their needs.

Discover Nelnet’s deep and established government experience.

Case Study: Federal Student Aid (FSA)
Learn more about our long-standing relationship partnering with the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid and serving their millions of student loan borrowers.

Read Case Study

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Driven by a purpose to serve and known as an innovative provider of trusted, efficient solutions, Nelnet has helped government agencies at all levels meet increasing demands and deliver exceptional service for years. There are easy mechanisms for you to learn more and access Nelnet’s services through our contract vehicles.

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