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Companies with federal tax liability can use solar tax equity – a federally incentivized investment – to lower their effective tax rate while helping to reduce greenhouse emissions and improve environmental health. As a leading tax equity investor, Nelnet has over $278 million of tax equity under management between us and our co-investment partners to date. Other companies can co-invest their federal tax liability with ours to help drive a renewable energy future using our unique co-investment platform – and benefit from our proven asset management capabilities, solar tax equity expertise, and commitment to customer experience.

Why Solar Tax Equity Co-Investment Makes Sense

When an investment makes smart financial sense, is socially good, and follows a seamless process, it’s the best of all worlds. Discover the benefits of tax equity co-investing.

Short Duration and Early Breakeven

A typical investment horizon for our co-investors is 5-6 years, with breakeven on investment capital generally within 8-16 months.

Competitive Returns

Turn tax liabilities into assets when you aim for above-market returns on your investment.

Reduced Risk

Most of your capital is invested after the projects are built and producing energy – and about 75% of your return is through a federal tax credit backed by the IRS.

Little Administrative Work

Our team handles most of the administrative work – and accounting and tax reporting for co-investment funds are prepared by Nelnet’s experienced professionals.

Why Partner with Nelnet?

When you co-invest with us, we’re an investor standing behind our funds with our own capital alongside yours. As a manager of your funds, we also draw from the expertise of our asset management group that manages $1.5 billion of other third party invested assets

Explore Co-Investing with a Proven Partner

Now that you’ve learned more about tax equity co-investing and our team’s experience, discover how partnering with our expert tax equity capital markets team to use our seamless co-investment platform can help your organization achieve its investment and sustainability goals.

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In offering tax equity and asset management expertise, our own investment funds, and a unique platform that allows corporate tax teams to enjoy a seamless tax equity co-investing experience, Nelnet provides unmatched value to our partners and customers working within various industries.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your organization support clean energy and advance your sustainability and environmental goals through smart investments, reach out today. We’d love to talk with you.

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