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Fostering Psychological Capital in Teachers 

In a world rocked by coronavirus, helping teachers thrive requires shoring up hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism.


Graduate School Borrowing: Unique Challenges and Impacts 

Repayment counseling for graduate students is more challenging than for undergraduates due to complexities in graduate school borrowing.


Help Employees Experience Financial Well-Being

This white paper explores the challenges many of today’s employees face in trying to save for retirement while still paying off student loan debt.


Private K-12 Schools Should Say “Yes” to Federal Programs

The FACTS Ed team explores how to ensure your private school receives its equitable share of federal funding and services.


Partner Insights: Western Union Business Services

International payment expert Andy Benkis from Western Union Business Solutions shares insights on key student mobility shifts, trends in foreign payments, and international recruitment.


A Statement of Solidarity in the Fight for Racial Justice

We stand in solidarity with the Black community, knowing we may not get it perfect – but we will not be silent. We will use our voice to pursue racial justice.


Institutions Benefit From Payment Plans

Research shows students who utilize a payment plan are nearly 8% more likely to stay enrolled from semester to semester.


Payment Performance Analytics

Studies of student accounts show that 25% of students carry outstanding balances from term to term. See how smarter data helps you support them.