About Nelnet Diversified Services

We're experts who thrive on helping others succeed.

Who We Are

Nelnet Diversified Services is a premier professional services provider. We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality customer experiences and innovative technology solutions.

As Nelnet’s largest and longest-standing division, we got our start in Nebraska in 1978 servicing federal student loans. Over 40 years, we’ve expanded and diversified to support businesses and government agencies across a range of industries.

Today we’re a leading servicer of federal, commercial, and private student loans, a customer-focused service provider, and a committed partner in the growing renewable energy industry. Learn how partnering with us can help you transform the way you do business.

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  • 4,300+ associates
  • 16 offices in 8 states
  • 15.1 million customers
  • 11 million calls received annually
  • 102 million payments processed annually

What We Do

Our mission is to serve our clients and help them perform better. That’s why they rely on our advanced technology solutions, efficient operations, and high-quality customer service to transform their business. They trust our partnership and know we’ll deliver the same superior experience they would provide to their customers.