Communicating openly and honestly By Jordan Snader October 21, 2020

2020 Flu Shots: When, Where, and Why They’re Important

One great perk of working at Nelnet is that all of our associates have access to free flu shots every year. Many of our in-person associates are usually able to receive their shot on site. However, since most of them are currently working from home, we’ve opted to instead provide flu shot vouchers for everyone.

We’re also running a number of other health-related workshops and webinars to help our people stay informed. Nelnet associates can still earn free health premiums by meeting personal health screening goals. And, if they met their goals last year, we’re even allowing them to waive this year’s numbers.

Like us, many companies and organizations have had to adjust their flu shot benefits for associates that are working from home. Getting your flu shot this year may be a little different – but it’s still incredibly important. Here’s a few things to keep in mind about 2020 flu shots.

Where to Get Flu Shots.

Though COVID-19 may have made the process (and potentially locations) different than usual, it’s still relatively easy to find a place that offers them.

Check local clinics or pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. Make sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing as much as possible while you’re there.

Nelnet gives all Nelnet associates access to free flu shots every year. Though we aren’t able to offer on-site flu shots, we’re still giving associates vouchers to cover the cost of going to other locations.

It’s not a bad idea to call ahead, either.

When to Get Your Flu Shot.

Short answer? As soon as possible. We’ll get into why the flu shot is so important in particular in just a bit, but the CDC recommends the end of October. That said, if November rolls around and you still haven’t gotten it, it’s not too late. Vaccination is usually offered throughout flu season.

Why 2020 Flu Shots Are So Important.

It’s the big question everyone’s asking – why are flu shots more important this year than they have been before?

There are a few reasons, but arguably the biggest one is that COVID-19 and the flu aren’t mutually exclusive (e.g., you can have them both at the same time).

In a Harvard Health Publishing article, Drs. Elise Merchant and Wendy Stead pointed to a study that showed people who had both diseases at the same time were sicker than those who simply had COVID-19.

Another point that Merchant and Stead bring up is the potential impact that the two diseases may have on hospitals. Remember when everyone was talking about “flattening the curve?” The same principle applies here.

If too many people are sick at once, it’s possible that some hospitals could see shortages (like many did earlier in the year). Getting your flu vaccination helps ensure that people who desperately need to go to the hospital are able to.

Free flu shots are just one great thing about #LifeAtNelnet. Want to learn about the others? Check out some of Nelnet’s benefits and perks.



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