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Interns to Full-Time Associates – January’s New to Nelnet Update

Learn more about two wonderful NBS interns who recently transitioned to full-time positions in January's New to Nelnet update.

Nelnet Sidekicks Step Up in 2020

Working from home in 2020 came with challenges - but it also had perks. Find out how Nelnet sidekicks stepped up to help their people.

Finding Balance with Tracy Keller

See how Nelnet associate Tracy Keller finds balance in her physical, mental, and spiritual health routines in order to stay healthy.

From Sticks and String to Cozy Things: The Nitty Gritty on Nelnet’s IT Knitters

With temperatures dropping, get to know the knitters in Nelnet’s IT department, and how their love of yarn weaves them together.

Get Active with Jessica Campbell

Find out how Nelnet associate Jessica Campbell overcame impossible obstacles to get active and stay healthy.

The Power of Community Solar with Nelnet Renewable Energy

Learn how Nelnet Renewable Energy is putting the power of community solar in the hands of residents and business owners.

Keeping Mindfulness in Mind with Roge Karma

Learn from Nelnet associate Roge Karma how mindfulness can help you pay attention, stay in the moment, and find peace of mind.

When, Where, and How to Vote in This Year’s Election

Make sure you have a plan for how to vote on or before November 3! Check out these resources to help you cast your ballot.

Developing Dreams with the Nebraska Dev Lab Pipeline Program

The Nebraska Dev Lab Pipeline Program offers training programs that address developer shortages in Lincoln and Omaha. Find out about one Nelnet intern's experience.