Creating an awesome work environment | By Dana Staats | November 24, 2020

Get Active with Jessica Campbell

Senior People Services Consultant Jessica Campbell is no stranger to getting active – but when she faced an impossible obstacle, staying active became a challenge. Find out how getting and staying active helped her not only overcome, but thrive.

How would you say your history of activeness has been?

“I’ve always been kind of active. A lot of times, not as much as I should have been. Last year wasn’t a pleasant year for me – cancer got me and my immunotherapy induced Type I diabetes on me. I wasn’t in the best shape to begin with when that happened to me. It was kind of a wake-up call. It helped me reprioritize things in my life. Healthier nutrition and overall fitness. Ever since then, it’s been golden. My motivation and determination – and most of all my desire to help others.”

What’s your motivation for staying active?

“I’m seeing massive results. From the scale to the clothes sizes – it kicked my motivation into overdrive. When people tell me they’re tired and sluggish, it’s on my radar. I’ll ask them to go on a walk, or tell them to try it out. I’ve also become a Beachbody coach, so I’m having so much fun helping others set and achieve their goals.”

How has working from home changed the way you diet?

“It’s changed my diet quite a bit. At work, it took two seconds for someone to say “Hey, do you want to grab lunch?” I love to socialize with friends, so the answer was almost always yes! It’s been easier to plan things out. I’ve also tried out a new protein ball recipe – it’s great for when I’m craving something sweet.”

Ready to take Jessica’s lead and get active? As a Nelnet associate, you could take advantage of our great culture of wellness. Come see the other benefits of a Nelnet career!