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Developing Dreams with the Nebraska Dev Lab Pipeline Program

The Nebraska Dev Lab Pipeline Program offers training programs that address developer shortages in Lincoln and Omaha. Find out about one Nelnet intern's experience.

Things to Know about Nelnet Bank

Nelnet Bank is coming soon - check out a few commonly-asked questions about how the bank got its start, and why it's a great fit for Nelnet.

Nelnet Hosts Draft for 20+ Additional Interns

When students lost internship opportunities at other companies, Nelnet stepped in to help. Find out how Nelnet hosted a draft for 20+ additional interns.

Learn From Experience – How Internships Helped Nelnet Associates Succeed

Internships allow people to become comfortable taking risks and learning new things. Learn how internships helped Nelnet associates succeed.

20+ Years in the Book – Eight Nelnet Directors Share Advice

Eight Nelnet directors share advice, stories, and more from their decads at Nelnet. Check out their reflections on #LifeAtNelnet.

Meet Lauren Kubat: Life as an Executive Projects Intern at Nelnet

When Lauren Kubat started her Nelnet internship, she had no idea where it would take her. Now, she works directly with executives – all while pursuing a career in law.

#NewToNelnet: Meet Our Summer Intern Class!

Meet the newest members of our summer intern class and find out how they'll be growing and contributing their skills to #LifeAtNelnet.

Nelnet Intern Alumni Spotlight: Adam Delo and Vinay Singh

Get to know two of Nelnet's IT intern alumni who recently launched full-time careers, including how their internship experiences shaped their current roles.

Learning From Nelnet Leaders – The Magic Behind Management

See how our associates are learning from Nelnet leaders in an ever-changing workplace through an interview with two of our IT managers.