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Investing in Associates’ Development – Nelnet’s Coding Academy

One way Nelnet strives to help associates grow is through the Coding Academy, an immersive course that teaches coding in a fast-paced setting.

The Jeopardy! Experience with Scott Plummer

Nelnet’s own Jeopardy! champion, Scott Plummer, shares all about his experience on the show and everything he learned leading up to the incredible opportunity.

We Talk With Former Nelnet Interns, Now Working

Five recent Nelnet intern program graduates who are now working share how they landed where they are – and how time at Nelnet helped them.

Nelnet’s Coding Academy: Proof of Our Commitment to Diversification and Growth

This summer, Nelnet has partnered with Nebraska Dev Lab and Galvanize to offer two small groups of technology-driven associates a modern coding education through Nelnet’s first ever Coding Academy.

The Power of Knowing Your Strengths: Featuring Reilly Wiley & Collin Fink

Through the Clifton Strengths Institute, Reilly Wiley and Collin Fink have had the opportunity to make waves among their peers and in the workforce. Learn more about their journey.

Tips to Build a Successful Social Media Brand

Whether you run social accounts for a brand, or are simply curious as to how brands use social media, check out Lauren Hoag and Kenzie Leblanc’s five easy tips to creating a successful social media presence!

Nelnet Intern Alumni: Where Are They Now?

We reached out to four Nelnet intern alumni as they take on their post-graduate endeavors. See how they’re making waves in their new roles.

The Power of Community Solar with Nelnet Renewable Energy

Learn how Nelnet Renewable Energy is putting the power of community solar in the hands of residents and business owners.

Nelnet Campus Commerce Launches New Website

Nelnet Campus Commerce launched a newly redesigned website in 2020. Learn more about the business and explore the website-building process.