Pursuing opportunities for diversification and growth By Susie McCormick August 25, 2023

GRNE Solar Transitions to Nelnet Renewable Energy Brand

In July of 2022, Nelnet acquired an organization very similar to us on three defining characteristics: a passion for renewable energy, a purpose to serve customers, and a drive to innovate. That organization, GRNE Solar, initially built a reputation as a premier Midwestern solar installation company and has since expanded into other states.

Showcasing Full Vertical Integration with a Rebrand

Combining our shared approaches made it easy to see how adding GRNE Solar to Nelnet Renewable Energy’s growing capabilities could create a full vertical integration of clean energy solutions. Nelnet Renewable Energy already offered:

  • Proven solar tax equity and asset management expertise.
  • A tax equity co-investment platform that has helped other investors benefit from impact investing.
  • A corporate venture capital team to support growth and development of CleanTech and ClimateTech innovators.
  • A first-of-its-kind sustainability literacy platform to support K-12 and higher education institutions and their learners.

Now, with GRNE Solar’s design, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and installation capabilities, Nelnet Renewable Energy offers a rare capability to finance, develop, deploy, and manage clean energy solutions. As Nelnet Renewable Energy President Scott Gubbels points out, adding our financial stability, longevity, and reputation as a purpose-driven organization takes us to the next level and makes us truly unique. “Rebranding GRNE Solar to Nelnet Renewable Energy – and creating one unified website, NelnetEnergy.com, to meet the needs of all the organization’s customers and stakeholders – supports a focus on operational excellence by optimizing people, systems, processes, and workflows to ensure that we maximize value for all our stakeholders,” said Gubbels.

Now part of Nelnet Renewable Energy’s leadership team, GRNE Solar’s founders look forward to the growth and partnership possibilities the rebrand will provide within the renewable industry. Plus, they’re excited to continue fostering a culture committed to service and doing business the right way.

Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for us. We’re excited about the continued growth and expansion of our EPC services, and we remain committed to providing a five-star customer experience. As part of Nelnet Renewable Energy, we’ll be exploring additional and more innovative ways to make our clients’ and customers’ solar journeys rewarding,” said Eric Peterman, cofounder of GRNE Solar and Nelnet Renewable Energy’s Director of EPC Services.

The brand transition was announced to associates earlier this summer. Nelnet Renewable Energy’s new website launched on August 7 – the same day launch parties were hosted on site at branches. Associates received lunch and new gear at the launch parties. All of GRNE Solar’s current office locations in seven states – Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and New York – are being rebranded to Nelnet Renewable Energy.

Check out the new brand, tune in to our podcast Watts Up, and learn more about Nelnet Renewable Energy’s expanded capabilities at NelnetEnergy.com.




Susie McCormick

Senior Corporate Communications Writer