Creating an awesome work environment By Kyle Danielson February 23, 2021

Madison Team Saves Co-worker’s Life

At Nelnet, we are proud to have associates willing to go out of their way to help their fellow associate.

It’s always heartwarming when we hear about associates who care about their co-workers, and last year our team in Madison stepped in to save the life of a co-worker, and we just had to share it.

In September, a Madison associate went above and beyond to help a co-worker. While continuing to work in the office to perform essential duties this year, the Madison Facilities team already demonstrated incredible teamwork – but on Sept. 14, Dave Kinney saved his co-worker Tony Ketterer’s life.

On that day, Dave passed Tony’s office and happened to notice that Tony was slumped over his desk due to what they would later learn was a heart attack. Dave immediately began to perform first aid, then CPR.

The entire Facilities team then began the chain of care that they have all been trained in, and help arrived within five minutes. Tony was immediately transported to the hospital, where, after a few days, he recovered and was released. The EMTs stated that Dave and the team’s quick actions were the bridge needed to save Tony’s life.

Thank you to Tony and Dave for sharing your story. It’s important to know what to do in these workplace emergencies, so try not to panic and call 911 or the local number for emergency assistance as soon as possible. In some situations, you can help further by getting CPR or First Aid certified. The Red Cross has a variety of online and in-person classes for emergency training services that could save a life.




Kyle Danielson

Associate Creative Writer

Kyle Danielson is an associate creative writer for Nelnet. He works on a number of different writing projects for Nelnet's vast array of businesses. Kyle's favorite part of his job is that he can (sometimes) incorporate horrendous puns into his writing. In his free time, Kyle likes to inhale ramen and hide from the sun playing video games.