Creating an awesome work environment By Maddie LeBlanc December 7, 2020

Nelnet Leaders: Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Nelnet executives are key to the success of our company – but they also know how to bring the fun. If you’ve ever wondered what our leaders love to do in their free time or what music they jam to, we have the inside scoop for you.

Through our Fun Fact Friday series, Nelnet interns receive the opportunity to sit down (virtually, of course) with executives to have candid conversations about hobbies, interests, advice, and anywhere in between. Here’s some fun facts we’ve discovered about three of our fearless leaders:

Jeff Noordhoek, Nelnet Chief Executive Officer

  1. You might be surprised – but Jeff’s favorite movie is a western oldie. The original “True Grit” is his favorite movie of all time.
  2. What do alternative and rap music have in common? They’re both Jeff’s current favorite genres of music. Today, he listens to more rap than anything else. If you have any good old-school rap playlists, send them his way!
  3. While Jeff is pivotal to Nelnet – he does have a life outside of it. Jeff loves the outdoors – specifically hunting, fishing, skiing, and waterskiing.
  4. Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving? Jeff and his whole family are scuba-certified! Talk about an incredible outdoor adventure.

DeeAnn Wenger, President of Nelnet Business Solutions

  1. Anyone else a fan of Zesto? DeeAnn worked her first job at the walk-up Zesto ice cream shop in Lincoln as a 15-year-old. She says Zesto is a Lincoln icon – so working there was a dream for this self-proclaimed ice cream fanatic.
  2. If you need a travel suggestion (post-pandemic), DeeAnn’s favorite destination to go to is France. More specifically, a picturesque lunch setting at an inn from the 1500s in Normandy – like straight out of a movie!
  3. Cooking classes take up some of DeeAnn’s free time – and throughout the pandemic she’s attended online sessions. From puff pastry to southern dishes, DeeAnn keeps her love for cooking and baking alive through this hobby.
  4. If you’re a coffee lover, you might want to hold tight. While DeeAnn is not a coffee drinker, she loves tea. But – not just any tea. Her all-time favorite is chocolate coconut tea from Australia. Sounds pretty good, right?

Terry Heimes, Nelnet Chief Operating Officer

  1. Arguably, one of the biggest debates is whether you’re a cat or dog lover. Don’t worry – Terry is both, slightly leaning towards dogs.
  2. There’s nothing like playing a classic tune on a jukebox. If Terry had to play only one song from a jukebox, he would pick “Werewolves Of London” by Warren Zevon. Give it a listen!
  3. Do we have any Brad Paisley, Luke Combs, or Kenny Chesney fans? Terry is a country music fan and especially loves listening to these artists.
  4. Some moments in life are so incredible that you might just want to experience them all over again for the first time. Terry says he would relive big family and career moments in a heartbeat if he could.



Maddie LeBlanc

Campus Recruiting Intern