Creating an awesome work environment By Jordan Snader October 27, 2020

New to Nelnet October 2020 – Goodbye Internship, Hello Full-Time

When Nelnet interns accept full-time job offers, we jump for joy (sometimes, literally)! We love it so much, in fact, that we’re introducing a New to Nelnet article series to celebrate the interns who decide #LifeAtNelnet is the right place to start their full-time career. This month, we checked in with two former interns:

Hannah Burmeister, a marketing specialist at Nelnet Campus Commerce, and Bandana Maharjan, a marketing analyst Nelnet Business Services.

How did your Nelnet internship prepare you for your full-time role?

Bandana: For me, working as an intern wasn’t just about learning new skills. I was also able to apply those skills to real business situations. With everyday tasks and networking, I was able to learn and deepen my knowledge about how businesses actually run. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to learn from my mentors and supervisor, which boosted my confidence and comfortability in sharing my ideas and solutions.

Hannah: My internship prepared me by showing how different department of the company interlace to create an overall functioning business.

How does your full-time position differ from your internship?

Bandana: Most of my tasks and responsibilities remained the same. But I definitely got more access to software and technology than I did as an intern. I’m able to fully focus on my job rather than focus on school and an internship at the same time. As a full-time associate, there are also lots of perks I can take advantage of and I really like how Nelnet thinks about employee advancement.

Hannah: I get to see more of the life cycle of a marketing campaign, see projects through, and develop a full understanding of the different marketing channels we use.

How would you describe Nelnet’s culture?

Bandana: They’re very considerate about employee advancement and development. I really like how our executive teams think about inclusiveness within the company. I think the culture is a reflection of a society that promotes equality, diversity, friendship, and care.

Hannah: Inviting. Everyone there cares about the professional development of one another, and wants people to be able to further their career, take risks, and help the company grow.

What are a few of your favorite things about working at Nelnet?

Bandana: Our department culture and the motivating people I work with are major reasons I’m still at Nelnet. I see a broad scope of opportunities for me to contribute to the company and personally grow. Nelnet’s core value of “Giving back to the communities in which we live and work” has also been part of my personal philosophy. Who wouldn’t be interesting in joining a company that genuinely embraces diversity and has such a united culture that makes everyone feel at home?

Hannah: The people. I feel comfortable enough to take risks and discover my passions. I also love the numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Since I started in May, I haven’t stopped learning how to better myself.

What does a “typical” day look like for you?

Bandana: Since we started working from home, I start my day prioritizing. I look at current projects that I have to complete in the week and the tasks that I have to do to complete those projects on time. In between tasks and meetings, I take quick 5-10 minute walks every few hours, which has really helped me stay focused and get my tasks done.

Hannah: My typical work day involves checking up on marketing campaigns, making sure everything gets done on time, editing emails and PDFs, uploading documents to the Nelnet Campus Commerce, and ensuring that Nelnet Campus Commerce’s webinars go smoothly.

Any final advice for college students looking for internships?

Hannah: Keep trying! Getting an internship is the first step in your career development. Getting turned down in the business world can happen, but being persistent shows initiative and drive. The internship you are pursuing doesn’t have to directly correlate with your major. Find an internship that you can professionally grow in and discover your passion.

Bandana: 1) Do research and meet people from the field you’re interested in. 2) Always be ready to do real tasks that have an impact on businesses. 3) Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions.

Bonus question: Give us a fun fact about yourself!

Bandana: I cook my food every day! Cooking and singing are my forms of meditation.

Hannah: My family and I love Disney World! I’ve been there 16 times (so far) and even performed as a dancer in Magic Kingdom when I was 14.

Visit our internship page to learn more about life as a Nelnet intern. Ready to make it official? Check out our career opportunities.



Jordan Snader

Creative Writer and Social Strategist

Jordan Snader is Nelnet’s creative writer and social strategist. In this role, he writes social media content and provides writing support for a variety of Nelnet businesses. One of Jordan’s favorite things about his current position is the opportunity to work on and learn something new each day. When he’s not putting an imaginary pen to paper, he enjoys going on long walks into the sunset and pretending to be Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen.